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Datalogic QuickScan (2D Models)

Windward Software

Programming The Datalogic QuickScan 2D Barcode Scanner

This setup would be the same for System Five on Cloud configuration.

Models : Datalogic QuickScan QD24XX – QBT24XX – QM24XX

Programming for : General 1D and 2D Barcode Scanning Within System Five

Simply scan the first 2D barcode on the Left marked “Windward Configuration”. Wait for all 3 sets of tones. First tone is a double beep, then a warble tone, and then an Ascending tone.

If barcode scanner still is not performing correctly, scan the “Reset To Factory Defaults” barcode on the bottom, Wait for all three tones, and then scan the “Windward Configuration” barcode on the Top Left. Again… Wait for all 3 sets of tones. First tone is a double beep, then a warble tone, and then an Ascending tone.

These barcodes can be scanned directly off an LCD Monitor, however, if you are unable to do that, you can print it out and scan it from the printed copy.

Programming for : Manitoba Drivers Licenses and System Five

Setup barcode scanner to com port emulation. See page 18 of the programming manual.

Manual can be downloaded from


Installed the USB to Serial driver

Windows automatically picked up the scanner and installed the drivers.

If the drivers are installed correctly it should look like this in the Windows Device Manager. The COM Port number will be different depending on which USB Port the barcode scanner is installed into.

System Five Setup

Now you will need to open the POS Device Manager as administrator and set the port to the one in the Windows Device Manager (Shown in picture above). You may need to check the Keyboard Wedge checkbox as well. Once this is done, no other configurations are necessary. In this configuration, the STX Prefix is not needed. System Five and the POS Device Manager will be monitoring that port for activity.

Removing Leading And Trailing Digits From UPC Barcodes

Removing digits from the UPC barcodes is not recommended. However, in some very specific cases this could be done. Be aware that if you do this, it will do it for all barcodes going forward, and all barcodes scanned previously with the first and last digits attached will not scan anymore. So you MUST be absolutely sure that you need to do this.

Print the following document and scan the highlighted 2D barcodes in the numerical order specified.


Created by Steve Wind February 13 2015

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