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Create a DSN via ODBC32 bit

SystemFive is a 32bit application, so ODBC Connection should also need to be a 32bit one.
This is a Windows 10 & PSQL V12 compatible. This is an updated version of the article, old versions have instructions for older operating systems.

This setup or steps is done from the Client Workstation

In Windows 10, the quickest way to load/open ODBC 32bit is through searching it via the Windows Icon, bottom left of the screen.


  1. go to Control Panel
  2. Administrative Tools
  3. ODBC Data Sources 32bit
  4. Then follow the steps above to create the DSN Database

OR If you can't find the (32 bit) from the Control Panel
Run “c:\Windows\SysWOW64\odbcad32.exe”


  1. Once you have ODBC 32bit loaded
  2. Switch to “System DSN” tab
  3. Click on “ADD” button
  4. Scroll down and select “Pervasive ODB Client Interface”
  5. Click on “Finish” button

You will then get the Window above

  • Data Source Name = the actual DSN name you create in PCC. This must be the same name
  • Description = leave it as is
  • Server Name/IP = is either the Server HostName or IP Address
  • Transport Hint = leave it as is

Under “Database Name”

  • click on “Get list” button
  • then from the drop-down selection box, select the DSN Database you create via PCC
  • Then click on “OK” button until FINISH
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