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Class Not Registered / The Application Failed to Initialize Properly

Windward Software


These are actually two separate error messages, but are related to the same problem with Speedy POS version 6. 1) Class not registered came up when trying to process a credit card payment. It occurred right after clicking on the payment type (Visa, Mastercard, etc.). This error is the result of DLLs not getting registered correctly in Windows. 2) The application failed to initialize properly, came up during the installation of Speedy POS version 6, and is an application error related to regasm.exe. This error means that for some reason regasm.exe was not able to do it's job in registering one or more DLLs.

Detailed Problem Solution

If you receive either of these two errors, the resolution is simple. Check Add and Remove Programs in the Windows Control Panel, and look to see if Microsoft Net Framework is installed. If it isn't you need to download and install it from Microsoft, or using the Windows Update Wizard. This application is required by Speedy POS and for integrated Payment Processing within Speedy POS. Once this is installed, then reinstall Speedy POS, and any payment processing software such as DataCap.

Created by Steve Wind Sept 14 2010


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