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Checking that all users are logged out of System Five

Before making any copies of data, we need to ensure that all users are logged out of system five. Failure to perform this check may result in loss of data after the copy has been performed.

This process uses the File Check that is found in the System Five Navigator as shown in Figure 1. The File Check utility is used as it has a feature that scans for all users logged in across all System Five terminals.

Figure 1 - File check utility.

After opening the File Check utility there is a button to “Continue, I have done a backup”. We do not need to have an immediate backup as we are going to exit the utility before the file check screen appears. Click this continue button shown in Figure 2 to continue to the next screen.

Figure 2 - File Check Continue button

If the File Check screen shows blank as in figure 3, then all users are logged out. This screen will refresh every few seconds while users are logged on. The terminal name and user name will be displayed. Log out of the System Five used to run this file check before starting the data copy.

Figure 3 - No users are showing logged in

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