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Cannot Write PDF Error


This error occurs when using the Email PDF functionality in System Five while printing an invoice. The error may raise when Adobe PDF creation software has been installed.

You may see an error like this:

Followed by this access violation at address 004093CC:


System Five relies on a DLL file to provide the ability to render the PDF document.

The file is named WPDF010A.DLL and may be located in the Windows System32 folder. Use the file search ability of windows to locate this DLL file. After locating the file copy it over to your System Five bin folder. The reason the file is copied is because it may only reside in the Administrator account after a seperate installation of an Adobe file generation product has been performed.

The user settings to email the PDF are set in the Users and Security under Setup Tools → Configuration . Go to the Internet tab and enter your email settings. When you opt to send the PDF by email then System Five will automatically attach to your email server.

Author: arose
Original date: 9-Sep-2008

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