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Pervasive 12 Error


The Pervasive 12 error occurs when the Pervasive engine cannot find a database file needed to start System Five.

Scenario 1

An older version of System Five is installed

For example:
The data on Server is running on version 5.41
System Five version is installed locally on a workstation

When we start System Five on this local workstation we receive a Pervasive 12 error.

To correct the error the System Five version will need to be updated to the same version of the dataset. This update can be performed by adding a SYNCSRV.INI file into the local System5\bin directory. Details on how to create a SYNCSRV.INI file can be found here (ed not: add link).

Scenario 2

The registry on the local workstation cannot be written with the data required for System Five operation.

Your windows security or policy settings for the current Windows user is not allowing writing to the Windows registry.

NOTE: Please backup your system registry prior to performing any registry edits. Consult with your Computer Technician if you need assistance with performing the following steps.

In the system registry go to the Windward Key. It is found under:

We need to have a key named “DataDirectory” in the list. If this key is missing then create a new String Value key. The data for the key is the path to your System Five data as well as the company name in the form of:


For example:
c:\Build8_arosev540\|Acme Corporation;

If you are running multiple datasets then the key should follow this form:
c:\Build8_arosev540\|Acme Corporation;c:\Build9_arosev540\|ABC Enterprises;

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